About Jeri Levesque

New Years Day 2020, Sioux Harbor, Mississippi River

Jeri Ann Levesque (JAL) is a sometimes sailor from the midwest with a soul soaked in New England’s coastal region. She takes her career as an educator and evaluator seriously as the only sure way to pay for play. The blog isn’t about work. Play is an often neglected avocation of middle-aged adults. Fortunately, she has left middle age a’stern and has rounded the Horn towards those promised years of playtime known by our parents as “retirement”. Confident that she still has lead in her keel, wind in her sails – and too many toys and play groups to abandon – she continues to forge ahead with her small consulting business, Center of Effort LLC (visit us on Facebook). Jeri spends her time balancing family and friends with work and play.

Unless it shows up on Riverbills.com or JALsails blog!
Everything and everybody is simply 6 or less steps away, via introduction from any other person in the world. Image from Wikipedia

The JALsails blog is the antithesis of the TV show, Seinfeld, that boasted it was about, nothing. JALsails is about the subtle connections between seemingly random stuff. This blog is just about everything that connects us to the sea, beaches and each other. This blog is about Apophenia – which is akin to the Kevin Bacon movie trivia pursuit of Six Degrees of Separation. We’re all connected by a chain of friends of friends that can connect people in six or fewer steps. We live in a very small world in a very big universe.

Apophenia rendition of this explanation of the jalsails blog. Image by JAL via Tagxedo.com

Every week Jeri finds an unusual word, something odd in the news, or observes something interesting.  She learns how this new thing is subtly linked to other things. The words and observations are quite often connected to boats, beaches, seas, lakes, and rivers. Jeri soaks up the world and spins her interpretations once a week – usually on Sunday or Monday mornings.

Please share your thoughts as Comments and suggestions for new blog topics.

Boats are built to stay tethered to docks in harbors sheltered from the sea and wind. We’re going out on the water to create grand adventures. Hoist your imagination, fire up a bit of curiosity – anchors aweigh!


Ex Libris – it means The Library or The Book. Our Catalina 34 was purchased with the royalties earned from writing a book – the dinghy is called, Epilogue

6 thoughts on “About Jeri Levesque

  1. You are incredibly intelligent, multi-faceted, dynamic, and just what the doctor ordered for me. The Zen of Weight Loss is what I needed to read first thing in 2014! When I think about your multitude of talents and skills i wonder is it because she is a great writer and literacy and reading expert?; is it because she’s a Gemini?; or was she just born lucky? Well I believe it’s because you have lived a beautiful life filled with advocacy for others, education, and lots of love from multiple components of people. But mostly its because you realize your gifts and know that staying healthy will enable you to spread your support to others.
    I’m blessed to know you.

    Phyllis Harris aka KC TART


    • Wow, Thank you KC TART. Working with you for more than 10 years has been a gift. I feel the same about your intelligence and passion for families, schools and literacy. We are a great team.


  2. I love the way you put it – 60 years around the sun and 40 years with a gold band on your left hand. This is a significant year for you. Enjoy it well.


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