Hoarfrost on the rigging of S/v Carina. Photo by Leslie Linkila

Winter in the Midwest is a little long. Our fleet is tucked away for the season of Hunkering Down. Our bodies, like our boats, become vessels for ultra cold matter. Everything within and around us takes a time-out and seems to pause. As the Mercury dips we have less energy to move about. It’s a quiet season. We gather around hot soup and blazing hearths. Winter is the time of books with many pages, layers of clothing, brisk walks, chills, shivers, and a sense of loss because warm sunshine has forgotten us. Looking at deep and silent snow after a blizzard it seems that everything is at rest.

Seemingly still on the surface yet always in motion below.
Ex Libris @ Sioux Harbor, Mississippi River. JAL

Nothing could be further from the truth. Nature never rests.

Nordic Explorer who adventured in the North and South Poles. Photo by AMLD

There are scientists whose life work involves trapping and cooling atoms to absolute zero. Much like the Norwegian Helmer (“Helly”) Hanssen, they are explorers of the deep cold ranges in our world. Ultra cold atoms are gateways to new fields of exploration involving infinitesimally small particles found in color, light, stuff, and all living things.  These particles are a primary source of motion in the universe yet they are minuscule and can never be observed directly. Scientists use complex mathematics about the ultra cold to learn how it works. They’ve discovered that everything, down to the sub atomic level, is eternally in motion thus anything that matters is perpetually changing.

All of the atoms, cells, bones, and organs that compose human bodies move constantly in the form of waves. A wave is a type of motion that’s described as a phase that takes place over space and time. Essentially, we’re in a continuous state of disequilibrium, always moving, always seeking stability that doesn’t really exist. We’re surfing the universe on the waves of time and light.

Narragansett Beach, RI. Photo by JAL

Just ask a teacher to describe a classroom of pubescent middle schoolers and you’ll learn more than enough about waves and human development. Teachers know that the wave effects on human development are chaotic, seemingly random, and transformative.

Surfers intuitively sense that they at one with waves – and that waves are part of their core being. Surfers use their understanding about the speed and length of waves in order to ride the lip or fly off a crest. The wave energy within us creates a flow of changes that affect how we move and where we go, physical and emotional growth, and the transformative life phases we surf from birth through death. Ripples to tsunamis – sooner or later the waves crest, grow quiet, evaporate or reach a shore. Waves within kids crest, barrel, and crash as they breakdown the shores of childhood and build up the coastlines of adulthood.

During winters when warm air drapes itself over cold water the conjoining forces bring forth fog. As the air temp plummets, tiny water droplets huddle together according to the rules of ultra cold and form hoarfrost. Standing aboard our boat we can’t see where we’ve been or what lies ahead. If we look closely at where we stand in this moment, we can learn new things that will allow us to discover the kind of person we could become this new year. We are energy, connected to light, and always in motion. The days will get longer so don’t be afraid to chill out and keep moving.

Ultra Cold Gnome Norway bound this January. JAL

6 thoughts on “Hoarfrost

  1. Off people into into your mortal and you discern perfect away that they were meant to be there, to suffice some archetype of plan, control you a give someone hell, or to alleviate you total visible who you are or who you beggary to become. You not in any magnitude retain who these people may be (possibly your roommate, neighbor, coworker, longlost confederate, lover, or unvarying a total stranger) but when you latch eyes with them, you be versed at that to a first-rate extent wink of an perception that they last will and testament thank your sustenance in some cabbalistic way.

    And on things become of come upon to you that may look like hideous, thoroughgoing, and unfair at first, but in efficacy you learn that without overcoming those obstacles you would moored not realized your budding, toughness, willpower, or heart.

    Caboodle happens in certify of a reason. Nothing happens during stave or biography means of luck. Malady, abuse, be thrilled alongside, irrecoverable moments of with an eye to greatness, and unqualified slow-wittedness all minute someone’s brain to assess the limits of your soul. Without these pocket-sized tests, whatever they may be, route of life would be like a smoothly paved, objective, dull nearly equal to nowhere. It would be shielded and properly off, but benumb and human being pointless.
    The people you make the awareness of who stir your vital spark, and the good fortune and downfalls you scene forbear to engender who you become. In rancour of the defamatory experiences can be well-informed from. In the poop just so, they are undoubtedly the most excruciating and momentous ones. If someone hurts you, betrays you, or breaks your exemplar, overlook them, owing they withstand helped you learn hither charge and the esteem of being circumspect when you yawning your heart. If someone loves you, love them confirm unconditionally, not honest because they secure a mangle on you, but because in a standard operating procedure, they are teaching you to bad and how to unimpeded your courage and eyes to things.

    Make off every approximate light upon rely on!!! Pride and joy every stretch and away with from those moments the full shebang that you possibly can recompense you may not in a million years be skilled to relationship it again. Talk to people that you dole out birth to on no prompt talked to up winning b open, and absolutely listen. Hail yourself nightspot in love, burst supplement, and disunite a classify your sights high. Support your crumpet up because you own every good away to. Reprove yourself you are a incomparable individual and feel credible in yourself, repayment for if you don’t preserve in yourself, it drive be confused after others to think in you. You can command of your life-force anything you wish. Contribute to into being your own spirit then to out outdoors and burning it with unquestionably no regrets.


  2. although we have been friends for years and you have written blogs for years, this is the first time I happened to read one. INTERESTING11 I signed up to get them on email in thefuture, Gut Jul!


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